Technics Amplifiers from the 1970’s

Since 1965, Technics, a brand of Panasonic Corporation, has manufactured a range of amplifiers over the years. In the 1970s, they produced several popular models, known for their high-quality sound and durability.

Here are a few notable Technics amplifiers from the 1970s:

Technics Amplifiers Repair ServiceThis integrated amplifier featured a powerful output of 72 watts per channel and offered excellent sound quality. Also its sleek design with brushed aluminum faceplate and large VU meters are very appealing.1976 – 1979

Technics SU-7700
: Another popular integrated amplifier, the SU-7700 delivered 70 watts per channel. Basically features dual phono inputs for turntables and multiple inputs when needing to connect different audio sources.

Technics SU-9600: Considered a high-end preamplifier, the SU-9600 featured an impressive output. Certainly it boasts a sophisticated design with brushed aluminum panels and controls. (1975-80)

Technics SE-9060
: This power amplifier was part of Technics’ “Professional Series” and as well as delivering 70 watts per channel. It was designed to provide high power and low distortion for professional audio applications. (1976-81)

Technics SA-5150: This receiver/amplifier combo packed 16 watts per channel. It featured a built-in AM/FM tuner, multiple audio inputs, and a vintage-looking front panel with tuning and volume knobs. (1975-76)

Finally keep in mind that availability of these amplifiers may vary as they are vintage models. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you may want to contact us as we specialized in serviced vintage audio equipment.

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