Audio Service Repair Testimonials

Voice of Music Turntable revived

Took my old turntable from the 60s out of a console to Bryan and he repaired everything that it needed and cleaned it up like new. Couldn’t ask for a better job and even gave some paperwork and manuals to help operating it. Highly recommend coming here for repairs and his services. Thank you… Read more “Voice of Music Turntable revived”

Richard C

Vintage turntable playing like it used to

While doing some business at Wonderland Records I had a good conversation with the owner about vintage audio equipment. He gave me Bryan’s card in case I would need any repairs. Little did I know I would. I had recently played Best of BTO, in vinyl, on my 1976 semi-automatic Fisher turntable. I loaded up the CD changer with the recently purchased same CD and noticed quite a difference in the playback speed. The TT had apparently slowed down.… Read more “Vintage turntable playing like it used to”

Bruce H

My Vox AC15 guitar amp sounds good as new

My Vox AC15 guitar amp sounds good as new. They also helped build a pair of vintage style KM84 microphones that are used daily in my studio. They are fair, honest, and most importantly… Read more “My Vox AC15 guitar amp sounds good as new”

Kieran K

Stereo tape deck working again

Earlier this month Bryan did a great job on restoring my 70’s vintage Fisher turntable. Last week I brought in a mid-90’s Technics double cassette deck with electronic controls. Deck 1 was not working properly. Bryan quickly diagnosed the problem as a broken gear and replaced it. He also cleaned all the heads and serviced the drives. Both decks now work as good as new. I even tested it against my CD player with the same album and the… Read more “Stereo tape deck working again”

Bruce H

Excellent and Knowledgeable Service

I recently got into listening to vinyl and acquired an old set of Dalquist speakers that needed repair. I know nothing about hifi equipment, but Bryan and his wife were extremely helpful and did an excellent job repairing them and even helped me to select an amplifier that works perfectly with them. Bryan even walked me through some problems after I took them home to set up! 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the area that needs any repairs… Read more “Excellent and Knowledgeable Service”

Erik M

Outstanding Service!

I contacted several repair shops about my inexpensive NAD 326bee integrated that was regularly cutting out/shutting down. Bryan not only responded right away, but he did a little research on my problem even before I sent the amp — verifying for me that the amp was likely worth fixing. So I sent it in. Bryan was communicative throughout with regular status updates. He laid out a few options and recommended a less invasive fix, and then ran it for… Read more “Outstanding Service!”

Andrew K

Worked with Bryan twice

Both times, I was very satisfied with his work and will definitely seek him out again when I need work done on my audiophile… Read more “Worked with Bryan twice”

Thomas B