Audio Research Amplifiers from the 1970’s

Audio Research 1975-1979

Audio Research High Quality audiophile gearAudio Research Corporation creates high-end audio equipment and was founded in 1970 by William Z Johnson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Johnson, an engineer and music audiophile, established the company with the goal of creating exceptional audio equipment for music lovers who seek the highest level of sound quality.

Also, Audio Research quickly gained a reputation for vacuum tube amplifiers and preamplifiers. Making this company renowned for their exceptional sound reproduction and performance. For this reason the company’s products are in high regard by audiophiles worldwide. Featuring their power, musicality, and dynamic range.

Some notable Audio Research amplifiers from the 1970s include:

Audio Research D-75: Released in 1975, the D-75 was a 75-watt per channel vacuum tube power amplifier. It offered excellent sound reproduction and solid build quality, as a result earning it a place among the best vintage amplifiers.

Audio Research D-150: Introduced in 1975, the D-150 is a 150-watt per channel vacuum tube power amplifier. This is a favorite choice among audiophiles. The D-150  has dynamic sound, clarity, coupled with offering experiences of your music that withstands the test of time.

Audio Research D-250: Launched in 1976, the D-250 is a 250-watt per channel vacuum tube power amplifier. It delivered high power output with low distortion, providing a remarkable listening experience.

Audio Research D-51: Introduced in 1978, the D-51 is a 50-watt per channel vacuum tube power amplifier. It incorporated advanced circuitry and high-quality components, resulting in a rich and detailed sound reproduction.

Additionally, amplifiers from the 1970s are a great value due to their attractive appearance and exceptional performance. As has been noted this represents the early achievements of Audio Research. Setting the foundation for their legacy in the high-end audio industry.

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