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Turntable Pricing Sheet Repairs – Lang Design Audio Repair Service

Bench Evaluation Cost $60
The deposit we collect goes toward the repairs if approved by you.

General Service – Setup and Lubrication -$90
Lubrication can often fix issues with record players and turntables, such as a seized mechanism or a malfunctioning tonearm. While considering, older turntables require regular servicing and lubrication to function properly.

Belt replacement (starting @ $45) includes belt and installation

RCA Cable – Ground – Power Cord Replacement

Cable/Cord replacement (starting @ $45) includes cable and installation

We offer many varieties of cartridges. What best suits your budget and your ears? We can offer solutions.
(starting @ $49 w/ stylus)

Stylus Types
 conical stylus - spherical tip

Conical – a conical stylus – spherical tip is more forgiving if the a record has imperfections (starting @ $27) Great for old records from thrift store bins



Elliptical - Stylus Accuracy and PrecisionElliptical – Accuracy and Precision – Good choice for new records (Starting @$49)

Shibata – Premium elliptical – Extended High-Frequency Response – Authentic reproduction of sound making this a good choice for audiophiles.(starting @ $190)



Microline - Micro-Ridge best high-frequency performance
Microline – Micro-Ridge
best high-frequency performance manufacturing is very expensive. These stylus’ are very precise with a ridge shape Microline tip.(starting @ $399)


On-Site Service Business or Residential Starting at $90 per hr
At first we will visit your site to assess your equipment. If a repair can be carried out on-site, we will do so. However, for most consoles, we will bring the components back to our business for servicing. Lastly after service repair we will return to your location to reinstall into your console.

turntable repair business specializes vintage record players turntables-pricing-sheet-wilmington-deTurntable Pricing Sheet Repairs
Our turntable repair business specializes particularly in fixing and maintaining all types of turntables, from vintage models to modern units. We are skilled in diagnosing and repairing most issues that may arise with your turntable, such as motor problems, belt issues, cartridge malfunctions, and more.

At our repair shop, overall we use high-quality parts and tools to ensure that your turntable is restored to its optimal performance. Whether you are an audiophile looking to preserve your beloved vinyl collection or a DJ in need of a reliable turntable for your next gig, we are here to help.

In addition to repairs, we also offer cleaning and maintenance services to keep your turntable in top condition. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable service, so you can get back to enjoying your music as soon as possible.

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