Retail Resources – Local Delaware Business

Retail Resources – Local Delaware Business

WONDERLAND Records 110 W Main St, Newark, DE (302) 738-6856
110 W Main St, Newark, DE

(302) 738-6856
We offer a large verity of pre-owned and twice loved vinyl records, CBD OILS, awesome hippie clothing and clothing for people who don’t follow the herd, a smoke shop specializing in locally blown glass all American made, and a studio with a sound that you have to hear to believe.


SqueezeBox Records
1901 W 11th St Warehouse Wilmington, DE 19805
(302) 510-9429
Great store with a huge volume of hard to find records.


Rainbow Records

218 E Main St
Ste 114
Newark, DE 19711

Good Boy Vinyl

(302) 384-6460
2604 Kirkwood Hwy Ste B
Elsmere, DE 19805

It’s the place to go for new and rare Jazz releases and eclectic psychedelic, metal and rock issues.


CKuz Guitars
49 W Main St Middletown, DE 19709
Specializes in guitar repairs. Offers any service you may need for your electric, acoustic or bass guitar. We also have accessories, guitars and basses for sale.



Jupiter Records
2200 Marsh Rd Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 439-3226


Jupiter Records

2200 Marsh Rd Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 439-3226



Retail Resources – Local Delaware Business – Specifically Reasons to Support

  1. Boosting the local economy: By supporting small businesses you can help create jobs, Another benefit is to stimulate economic growth, and keep money circulating within the community, benefiting everyone.
  2. Unique product offerings: Equally important, small businesses often offer unique products that cannot be found in larger chain stores. When shopping locally, you can find one-of-a-kind items that support local artisans and creatives.
  3. Personalized customer service: Small businesses often provide personalized and attentive customer service, then going above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. Undoubtedly this level of service is harder to find in larger corporations.
  4. Building a sense of community: Small businesses are often deeply connected to the local community, sponsoring events, sports teams, and when supporting local causes. Also supporting these businesses helps to build a strong sense of community and camaraderie.
  5. Environmental benefits: Shopping locally can reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation, because products are made and sold within the local area. This can help due to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support environmentally sustainable practices.
  6. Diverse and vibrant neighborhoods: Small businesses contribute to another unique character and charm of a neighborhood, creating a diverse and vibrant local culture. As a result by supporting these businesses, you help to preserve the character of your community.
  7. Helping entrepreneurs thrive: Small business owners are often passionate individuals who have also taken risks to pursue their dreams. By supporting these entrepreneurs, basically you are helping them thrive and succeed in their endeavors.
  8. Lang Design, Inc. encourages everyone to support your Local Delaware Business