Top 9 Vintage Receivers from the 1970’s

There are many great receivers from the 1970
A list for your listening enjoyment

Top 9 Vintage Audio 70s Receivers & Amplifiers Marantz McIntosh Pioneer Yamaha Technics Sony
Top 9 Vintage Audio Receivers & Amplifiers

Pioneer SX-1010: This receiver was known for its strong performance and powerful output. It had a vintage aesthetic and featured an analog display with VU metering.

Marantz 2270: The Marantz 2270 is a powerful and robust receiver featuring a warm sound quality. It had a sleek design with blue meter lighting and featured an AM/FM tuner.

Sansui 9090DB
: This receiver was known for specifically its exceptional build quality and powerful sound. Also features a silver-faced design with blue and green lighting, offering a classic ’70s aesthetic.

Yamaha CR-2020: The Yamaha CR-2020 was a flagship receiver has a strong amplifier section and clean sound reproduction. Additionally with a distinctive black color scheme and white VU meters this receiver has great appeal.

Technics SA-1000: This receiver has massive power output and equally a robust build quality. It had a silver-faced design with unique circular meters and pushed boundaries in terms of power in the 1970s.

Sony STR-7055: The Sony STR-7055 has a popular following of a mid-range receiver that offered good performance at an affordable price. It had a simple black-faced design with white VU meters and featured a versatile set of inputs.

Fisher 500C: The Fisher 500C was a vintage tube receiver that offered warm and rich sound compared to later solid state. It had a classic silver-faced design and featured wood side panels for a sophisticated look.

McIntosh MAC 4100: The McIntosh MAC 4100 is a high-end receiver markedly with exceptional sound quality and power. It had a classic black-faced design with chrome accents and blue lighting.

Pioneer SX-1250: The is overall a legendary receiver has powerful outputs and exceptional sound quality. It had a distinctive silver-faced design with blue and white meter lighting.

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