Sansui Amplifiers from the 1970’s

Sansui was a well-known brand in the 1970s for their high-quality amplifiers. A robust sound and build quality is what sets Sansui apart from its competition.

Some popular models from that time include:

Sansui AU-717
: This model was highly regarded for its powerful performance and excellent sound Sansui-AU9900-amplifier-ad Call for Servicereproduction. It featured a dual-mono design, delivering clean and detailed sound.

Sansui AU-7700: Known for its solid-state design, this amplifier offered strong bass response and a dynamic sound. It had an elegant and clean front panel design.

Sansui AU-101: This was a budget-friendly option that still delivered good sound quality. It was compact in size but offered a good amount of power.

Sansui AU-9900
: A higher-end model, the AU-9900 boasted a stylish design and excellent engineering. Noted for its slick style with blue and white meters, it is highly sought after for its powerful performance. (1975-77)

These are just a few examples of the Sansui amplifiers from the 1970s. Sansui, known for their engineering expertise, in producing high-quality audio equipment. This makes their amplifiers popular among audiophiles during that era.

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