Luxman Amplifiers from the 1970-90s

Luxman is a renowned Japanese audio brand that has been producing high-quality audio equipment since the 1960s. In the 1970-90s, Luxman released amplifiers that are still highly regarded by audiophiles today.

Here are a few models:

Luxman Amplifiers
Luxman Amplifiers

Luxman SQ-505: Luxman in the 1970s produced the SQ-505, a very popular integrated amplifier. It offered a power output of around 30 watts per channel and likewise had features like tone controls, various input options, and a robust build quality. (1971)

Luxman L-400: The Luxman L-400 was a high-end receiver amplifier therefore provided excellent sound quality and power output. It offered a power output of around 55 watts per channel at 8Ω and featured a heavily built construction with premium quality components. (1982-85)

Luxman L-550
: The Luxman L-550 was another highly regarded integrated amplifier from the 1970s. It featured a stylish design, therefore offered a power output of around 50 watts per channel at 8Ω, and had a reputation for its detailed and smooth sound reproduction.(1982-85)

Luxman L-580: The Luxman L-580 was a flagship amplifier from the brand in the 1990s. It offered a power output of around 100 watts per channel at 8Ω and featured a luxurious build quality with premium components, including a large power transformer and high-quality capacitors. (1994 – 1996)

Lastly these amplifiers from Luxman’s 1970s lineup are vintage classics. An excellent build quality, superior sound reproduction, and timeless design makes this a good choice.

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