Realistic STA-21 Vintage Receiver 1977

Manufactured by Radio Shack under their Realistic Brand during the 1970s

The Realistic STA-21 is a vintage stereo receiver that was manufactured by Radio Shack under their Realistic brand during the 1970s. This receiver was known for its clean and classic design, with an aluminum faceplate and wooden case that exuded a retro charm.

The STA-21 featured a power output of around 20 watts per channel, which was suitable for smaller to medium-sized listening spaces. It had a solid-state amplifier, offering clear and distortion-free sound reproduction. The receiver came with a built-in AM/FM tuner, allowing users to enjoy their favorite radio stations with ease.

One notable feature of the STA-21 was its comprehensive control panel. It had separate bass and treble controls, as well as a loudness switch that boosted the lower frequencies at low volume levels. Additionally, it has inputs for multiple audio sources, including a phono input for connecting a turntable, aux input for external devices, and tape inputs and outputs.

The Realistic STA-21 was praised for its reliability and durability, as it was built to last. It found its place in many households as a reliable and trustworthy stereo receiver. Providing quality sound and versatility for various audio sources.

The vintage Realistic STA-21 stereo receiver is a highly regarded piece of audio equipment. Appreciated by both audiophiles and vintage enthusiasts for its solid construction, classic design, and high-quality sound reproduction.

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