Fisher Receivers from the 1960 -70s

During the 1960-1970s Fisher produced a range of high-quality receivers that were popular among audio enthusiasts.
In 1969 Fisher was purchased by Emerson was acquired by Sanyo in 1975.

Some of the notable models from that era include:

Fisher 400: This flagship receiver featured a robust build quality and boasted a power output of up to 25 watts per channel. It was known for its warm and detailed sound reproduction. (1964-68)

Fisher 500-C: This receiver was highly regarded for its musicality and power output, offering 33 watts per channel. It had a distinctive design with a brushed aluminum faceplate and large, illuminated tuning dial.

Fisher 800-B: Considered one of the best tube receivers of the era, the 800-B delivers 75 watts of powerful fidelity. It has 22 tubes that produce cutting edge performance of this era. (1961-63 )

Fisher 440-T: This receiver was a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. Despite its lower price point, it still delivered solid performance and offered 50 watts 8Ω per channel.(1965)

Fisher RS-1022
: This receiver was lauded for its sleek and modern design, featuring a black front panel and intuitive controls. It offered 20 watts per channel and provided a rich, detailed sound. Fisher was sold to  Sanyo in 1975. (1977)

These Fisher receivers from the 1960-1970s are still sought after by vintage audio enthusiasts today due to their quality construction, powerful performance, and classic design aesthetic.