Terms of Service

Terms of Service – Audio Repair Service

Assessment and Diagnosis: Lang Design, Inc. audio repair service will evaluate your audio equipment to determine the issues and provide an estimate for the required repairs.

Deposit, Repair Cost Estimate, and Payment: Deposit:$60 paid in advance – goes toward accepted repair work

Repair Cost Estimate: All repair work over $100.00, we will provided a repair estimate before work begins

Final Payment: Payable by Cash, Check or Credit Card

Warranty or Guarantee: The repair service may offer a warranty of 30 days on labor and the parts used. This include a 30 Day period during which repairs will be covered free of charge if issues arise.

Replacement Parts: If any replacement parts are required for repairs, the terms specify whether new, refurbished, or compatible parts will be used. When used parts are used, we reserve the right to evaluate on case by case basis.

Turnaround Time: An estimated time frame for completing the repairs will be given upon request. This could depend on the availability of parts and the complexity of the repair.

Limited Liability: This outlines the repair service’s liability limitations. This includes disclaimers for any additional damage caused to the equipment during repairs. In addition any preexisting issues that may not be fully resolved.

Abandoned Equipment: If the customer fails to collect the repaired equipment within a 30 day period, unless arrangements are made via written request,
Lang Design, Inc. has the right to dispose of or sell the equipment to cover the repair costs.