Why do I need a Web site?
In this day and age, frankly, you are expected to have one. The Internet has developed to become an essential component of the economy, the way business is conducted, and how communication takes place. It allows people to communicate and share resources in an efficient and effective manner, without large expenses. Bringing your business to the Web will provide a presence for your company throughout the world, and to potential customers. It allows potential and existing customers to easily find your company.

How will a Web site help my business?
A Web site will make sure your business stays efficient and, most of all, competitive. A Web site will help your business expand to reach new customers, millions of people who may never have had access to you before, and will allow you to respond more quickly to their needs. We can help you build a Web site that portrays the best side of your business, and use the latest online marketing techniques to expand your business on the Internet.

How much does it cost to create a Web site?
The cost of building a Web site varies, depending on the size of the site you want to build and the features you would like to include on your site. We will help you build a great site within the budget you would like to work with.

What do I need to know to create a Web site?
Nothing. When you hire Lang Design, Inc., to build your Web site, we take care of everything. As we go through the Web site building process, we work to help you learn what we are doing during the process so you understand how your site is built and how it all works.

Can I use Lang Design, Inc., if I already have a Web site?
Of course. Lang Design, Inc., can help you redo or refresh your current Web site, add features to your Web site, and many other options. You can read more about working on an existing Web site in our Services section.