E Commerce

What is an e-commerce site?
An e-commerce Web site allows you to sell products or services on your site. It allows your customers to browse your products and actually purchase them online.  It can also facilitate online payments by Credit Card or Electronic Check.  We have built many custom stores for current customers and would love to help you build yours.

How can an e-commerce site help my business?
An e-commerce site can help your business in many ways.  First, it allows you to sell your products or services online, and your customers will love this convenience.  It also allows your company to take in more profits, as more people will have access to your products or services because they are easily accessible on the Web. Your company or organization can also accept donations online. An e-commerce site will also cut down on phone calls to your company because your customers can purchase directly online.

What do I need to provide Lang Design, Inc., to build an e-commerce site?
Lang Design, Inc., will build a custom store for you, and will only need photos of your products, along with their prices and descriptions. If you do not have these, Lang Design, Inc., can help you. We will also need some information from you to purchase an SSL certificate, but for the most part, Lang Design, Inc., takes care of everything.

Can an e-commerce component be added to my existing Web site?
Of course. If you already have an existing Web site, it is easy to add an e-commerce section to your site.