Website – Navigation

Lang Design, Inc., prides itself in arranging all of its sites so that anyone can find information quickly and easily, from the most novice of Web surfers to the most-skilled computer expert.

The navigation bar is the directory of your site, and usually appears at the top or left side of each page.  The bar includes buttons that, when clicked upon, deliver you to a different page. This is how you move around the site.

Navigation can make a site seamless, or it can be devastating. Navigation should always be easy and intuitive to your users. Imagine going into a large department store and not knowing your way around. How will you know which way to go to find what you are looking for?  A navigation bar is the equivalent of signs in stores, and on streets, that tell you where to go.

If navigation is difficult, the user will become frustrated and leave your site. There should be a minimal amount of levels, so your customer doesn’t get lost deep within your site and not know how to find their way out. They should also be able to get to the information they are looking for with a minimal amount of “clicks”.

The navigation should also be intuitive. The user should be able to look at your site’s navigation and know immediately where to go for what they are looking for, almost without even thinking.

We work closely with our clients to determine the navigation wanted on the site. Here we work together to decide which sections will exist on their site, which would be available to the public, and which will be password-protected for members-only access.

Lang Design, Inc., is complimented regularly by our clients (and their customers) on how easy our sites are to navigate. Let us help you create an easy-to-use site that pleases your users and entices them to visit often.