Building a Website

How long does it take to build a Web site?
The length of time it takes to build a Web site varies depending upon the size and features.
E-commerce sites generally take longer to build than promotional sites, and a ten-page promotional site will take longer to build than a five-page promotional site.

What does the Web site building process entail?
When you commission work with us we select a project coordinator which will give you step by step details regarding what material that will need to be gathered. We make it very easy for you.

What do I need to know before I talk to Lang Design, Inc., about building my site?
The only information you need to have is your budget.  Lang Design, Inc., will have a preliminary meeting with you to talk about specifics of your site. If we know what your budget amount is, we will be better able to offer suggestions of how we can construct your site.

How do I prepare the copy and photos that I want on my Web site?
We will give you all of the information you need to prepare your photo and copy for your Web site.

How do I handle updating my site?
Because of Lang Edit, a custom-built script incorporated into all of our Web sites, you will be able to update your site at anytime without help from us – and without any HTML experience. To read more, visit our Lang Edit section.

Can Lang Design, Inc., help me with photos and photography for my site?
Absolutely.  We have many different services to offer our clients. We can provide you with stock photography, or we can even do a photo shoot to take the exact pictures you would like.