Understanding Website Traffic

Assuming your business falls under what could be considered the “norm”, you probably have a Website. What is its primary function? Is it to sell products? Is it to promote your business? Or is it to offer information to your customers? Whatever its purpose, is your site paying back the money you spent on it? [Read More ...]

Good Copy Websites

Copy? You mean like Kinkos? What do I need to copy, and what does that have to do with Web sites?

No, not that kind of copy. I’m talking about copy, you know, those words and things. Ah words, often overlooked with all the fancy graphics, Flash animations and other assorted things everyone focuses on nowadays.

But [Read More ...]

Keep Them Coming Back

Getting customers on the Web can be tough. With millions of users and a great deal of other sites offering the same or similar services or products, it’s difficult to make a sale without offering an incentive to buy from you instead of the competition.  Word of mouth and browse-in visits will generate sales on [Read More ...]

Secure Bill Payment

Paying bills online. I know you have probably seen it offered by your bank and credit card companies, but did you know it is just as easy to apply this to your company’s current Web site? Most businesses are trying to improve ways to collect bills to increase their cash flow, but did you think [Read More ...]

Write Better Web Content

Web content should be both short and sweet to get the attention of the audience you are trying to reach. Writing website content is about brevity and getting straight to the point. Most businesses want to have a very effective Internet site, but are often not willing or able to furnish copy for an effective [Read More ...]

Company Credibility

Your company’s credibility is on the line every time you present yourself to the public and companies are damaging themselves without even knowing it.

Web sites are necessary in today’s world because your customers expect you to have one, but your site can be doing more harm than good. Many companies are turning to one-man shops, [Read More ...]

The Website Plan that Matters

Let’s look at the resolution you made last year for your business, and see if we can determine if you accomplished what you set out to do. Oh, you’re saying to yourself, “I didn’t set a New Year resolution for my business”. Nothing set, nothing lost. Maybe you really did lose by not setting your [Read More ...]

Company Philosophy

Our first priority is taking care of our clients’ need in achieving their goals.
We built our company on this philosophy. This standard helps us continue to grow.

With over 20 years of experience, Lang Design, Inc. has kept stride in the ever-changing face of technology in today’s design industry. From timeless traditional to sleek contemporary [Read More ...]