Secure Bill Payment

Paying bills online. I know you have probably seen it offered by your bank and credit card companies, but did you know it is just as easy to apply this to your company’s current Web site? Most businesses are trying to improve ways to collect bills to increase their cash flow, but did you think about giving your customers a way to pay their bills 24/7?

This is how it works:
·Your customers login with a user name and password through a secure server.
·All account information including past bills and payments can be seen online.
·The client can use their credit card/debit card/check to pay the current balance.
·Upon successful payment, a confirmation will be displayed and emailed.

The advantages to your business could be less paperwork and a far more efficient way for collection of current bills. Your business can increase cash flow by just making it easier for customers to promptly pay their bills.

Other features of an online payment system:

·Auto Reminders
2 days before payment is due, an automatic reminder emails a notice of payment that prompts the customer to go online and pay their bill.
oAfter the due date, a Notice (based on or your payment policy) for collecting is sent to the customer to let them know they are overdue, along with any penalties. The customer is prompted to go online and pay the outstanding invoice.

·Invoice recovery
A place for the customer to go if the bill is lost, without you as the business owner having to spend time sending out a duplicate invoice.

Generate reports to check the payment status and history of your clients.

These features and many more having to do with being able to accept credit cards, and other forms of payment online, can help in adding to your bottom line. Is your business lagging behind in how this type of technology can benefit your situation? Consider the benefits of adding an online payment system to your Web site.

Rebecca Lang is founder of Lang Design, Inc. an Internet web design and development with an emphasis on marketing website business. Serving businesses nationwide, we are located in New Orleans and Delaware.

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