Company Credibility

Your company’s credibility is on the line every time you present yourself to the public and companies are damaging themselves without even knowing it.

Web sites are necessary in today’s world because your customers expect you to have one, but your site can be doing more harm than good. Many companies are turning to one-man shops, friends, or even family members to build their Web sites because it saves them money-but in the end, it winds up costing them even more.

There are two main reasons why taking a short cut on building your company’s Web site will wind up costing you more money in the end.  The first is losing customers and the second is having to redo your site.

Customers these days are Web savvy, smart, and have an expectation of what they will find when they get to your site. The look of your site, content presented, and features will all lend to whether the viewer will become a customer of yours, or simply leave your site without even giving you a chance. A poorly done Web site can leave customers with a view of your company that may not be true.

The other scenario is one we’ve experienced all too often-redoing your site. Many of our clients came to us because they chose the “cheaper” route as their first option and, after complaints from customers, sites that didn’t work properly, or even a design that undervalued their reputation, realized that cheaper wasn’t better. They came to us to rebuild their site to save their company’s reputation and allow their site to do what it’s supposed to do-attract and retain customers.

Many found that saving money upfront wound up costing them more money in the end.

Would you hire an accountant to change your car’s oil or a dentist to balance your financials or still maybe an auto mechanic to invest your money in stocks? Of course you wouldn’t… because they aren’t professionally trained to perform the jobs you are asking them to. Don’t risk your company’s reputation and credibility by hiring an untrained professional to build your company’s site.

Rebecca Lang is founder of Lang Design, Inc. an Internet web design and development with an emphasis on marketing website business. Serving businesses nationwide, we are located in New Orleans  &  Delaware.