Keep Them Coming Back

Getting customers on the Web can be tough. With millions of users and a great deal of other sites offering the same or similar services or products, it’s difficult to make a sale without offering an incentive to buy from you instead of the competition.  Word of mouth and browse-in visits will generate sales on their own, just as they always have. The trick is satisfying those customers enough that they’ll come back again and again – a task that isn’t half as daunting as it sounds.

The absolute most important thing to consider is your customers’ comfort.  Your site has to feel “natural;” the last thing you want a potential customer to do while deciding whether or not to buy is think about how to get where they want to go. Clear navigation is vital to making the first sale and will help to ensure that the first-time customer becomes a repeat customer. Keeping your customers updated on new deals or new additions to your site will make them more inclined to return, too.  Having an optional e-mail list to contact customers about the latest changes can be a big help.

Finally, provide detailed information about the products you are selling.  No one wants to search for hours to find information about a product, but a frighteningly small number of sites give their customer more than a picture, a price and a product name. Offering things like manufacturer contact information and benefits of the product all on one page will speed the process of purchasing the item, adding to the customer’s level of comfort.

New customers provide a great deal of sales for a business, but making those customers repeat customers is the key to getting the leg up on your competition, and provide the added benefit of telling their friends about your site, generating more new customers to convert. Go to the next level and find ways you can make your site more comfortable and user friendly, and you won’t need to pace your bedroom at 3 a.m. trying to figure out the next sales gimmick.